Our Program


Jason's Friends Foundation assists families throughout the state of Wyoming with children from birth through the age of twenty who have been diagnosed with childhood cancer or a brain or spinal cord tumor. We understand that these families face an urgent and critical need for financial assistance; therefore, there are no income restrictions.



Child must be under the age of 21 years old
Child's diagnosis must be childhood cancer or a brain or spinal cord tumor
Custodial Parent/Guardian must be a US citizen
Custodial Parent/Guardian must be a Wyoming resident
Custodial Parent/Guardian must provide a valid Wyoming Driver's License



When a child is diagnosed with childhood cancer or a brain or spinal cord tumor, the family's world is turned upside down. The demands and costs of day-to-day living often become insurmountable.

Jason's Friends Foundation is here to spare the family the threat of a financial crisis arising in the midst of their medical emergency. We provide financial support where possible and as needed by focusing on each family's individual situation. We do not duplicate services. If necessary, we will act as a liaison between the family and other organizations to meet their financial needs.

Jason's Friends Foundation provides monetary assistance for non-medical expenses including fuel costs, lodging and meals for travel out of town to appointments and treatments. Additionally, we assist with essential household bills such as mortgage/rent, utilities, groceries and other everyday living expenses. Jason's Friends families are eligible for assistance while the child is in treatment, ill as a result of the treatment and for follow-up appointments that would require the parent/guardian to miss work and lose income.

Unfortunately, not all kids survive their battle with cancer. Jason's Friends Foundation is also there to help these families with final expenses. To comfort and encourage families as they endure the loss of their child, we provide bereavement literature and assist with bereavement counseling.